Rug Edging and Binding

Rug Cleaning

Same Pattern Boarder : Usually, in a pre cut and manufacturer made hallway runners we have same pattern boarder. Nevertheless for a custom make runner which is not a standard length, you get it from a long roll. We cut it to your measurement and either over lock the edges or add boarder at two ends. we will cut that extra meter and join into both side. it will look like ready made size runner. your hallway runner could be any size, but you won’t find exact measurement runner in the market. Good thing is , we can customize any measurement rug and runner.

hand rug wash

Cotton Edging: We have so many different color cotton fabrics, you can choose any color to bind your rug. Normally, we make 50cm with cotton fabrics stitch on top of your rug and stiching is not visible(blind stitching). You have the luxury to choose any width binding and your own fabrics

Fabric and tapestry sewn Binding: We have a massive range of fabric and tapestry collection to choose from. As usual  you can use own fabrics and any width.

Leather Sewn Binding: We have different color of leather and rackcine that you can decorate your rugs with. Leather binding looks good on Persian rugs and sisal rugs. As usual, you can decorate it with any color and width could be your own size