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Mould on the shower curtain can be caused mainly by the moisture that remains attached to it. Although many tend to throw it away and replace it with a new one, there are techniques of dirty curtain cleaning that, if used regularly prevent your shower curtain from mouldy.

Method 1:

Prevent mold formation

  1.  Choose a smooth curtain. Those Highlighted or raised motifs allow water and moisture to collect at certain points, while on smooth surfaces the water slides down.
  2. Ventilate the room during and after the shower. in this way, the bath will dry faster and will not contribute to the accumulation of mold. Open the window or turn on the fan to remove excess moisture.
  3. Expertise advice
  4. If you haven’t checked your bathroom fan in a while, remove the cover and clean it to maximize suction.
  5. Open the curtain enough to circulate the air. Any trapped moisture will evaporate from the wet and the tent will dry faster.
  • Separate the folds that form to allow moisture to dry.
  • You can also use a laundry basket or a hook to keep the curtain high on the shower or bath wall.

6. Put the curtain outside the tub or shower. you will prevent mildew to build the areas that would stick to the ceramic.

  • Move the curtain out of the tub only after it has partially dried to prevent water from leaking to the floor.

7. Dry curtain after each use. You avoid the accumulation of soap along with the development of mould.

  • Use a towel to remove water from the wet part of the curtain after a shower.

Method 2 

Create a die barrier

  1. Wash the curtain with detergent and vinegar. Put half of the recommended amount of detergent in the washing machine and add 240 ml of white vinegar. Put some old towels in the curtain and wash them in a normal cycle.
  2. Fill the tub with water and salt. Close the drain and pour 300 g of salt into the tank. Then let the water run until it is high enough to sink the tent.
  3. Let the tent soak for 3 hours. Put the tent in the tub, making sure it is completely submerged and leave it to soak. Salt water will prevent the formation of mold by creating a barrier on the shower curtain.
  4. Allow the curtain to dry. After 3 hours, remove the curtain from the tub without rinsing with salt water. Hang it and let it dry before taking a shower.

Method 3 

Clean the shower curtain

1. Clean the curtain with a cleaning solution. You can use a commercial product suitable for mould to create your own.

  • If you use a commercial detergent, follow the instructions on the label.
  • To create a natural detergent solution, instead, mix one part hot water and one part white wine vinegar, then pour the mixture into a spray.
  • You can replace vinegar with bleach, but you will need to ventilate the room well once you use it to avoid harmful effects on your health.

2. Clean the curtain with the cleaning solution at least once a week. This procedure helps to disinfect and remove bacteria that can contribute to mould growth.

  • Spray the solution over the entire surface of the tent.
  • Use a clean towel or cloth to spread it well over the tent.

3. Allow the curtain to dry. Avoid rinsing immediately after cleaning: let the cleaning and disinfectant properties take effect.