Carpets on the floor give home shades of warmth and comfort, but they are also the main dust collectors. Every housewife should know how to clean the carpet at home, return it to an elegant and fresh look. Regular care is also needed to prevent the occurrence of dust mites, mold and fungi, rapid wear of the floor covering.

The main way to clean carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner. The brush is not suitable for this purpose because the coarse twigs do not penetrate deep into the pile and do not remove fine dust. Vacuum the carpet at least twice a week.

It is recommended to use S-shaped nozzles. First the carpet is vacuumed against the direction of the pile, removing dust and debris from the lower layers, then vice versa to prevent deformation of the loops.

Pay attention to the type of pile. Hard bristle bristles are suitable for carpets with cut loops. However, a long and soft pile requires an ordinary nozzle.

Dry cleaning

Over time, the pile accumulates so much dust and dirt that the carpet remains untidy even after using the vacuum cleaner. It takes on a gray hue and becomes hard. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the carpet 1-2 times a month.

You must first select a brush. There are three types:

  • Hand brush
  • Mechanical brush
  • Electric brush

Hand brushes are cheap. If you only need to clean the carpet in one room, you can do so in 20-30 minutes. The hand brush allows you to get rid of even a small amount of dust. To clean the carpet from dirt, choose products with fine bristles that do not deform the pile.

Mechanical brushes are super easy to use (no need to bend them), but are more suitable for cleaning floors. With their help, you can clean the carpet only from large fragments: crumbs, hair, dust spools and wool.

Electric brushes have the same mechanism of action as mechanical ones, but thanks to the built-in motor, they speed up the cleaning process. Stronger dust extraction.

How to clean carpets in a dry way?

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Sprinkle cleaning powder without removing the carpet from the floor. Spread the product evenly over the entire surface with a brush.

Wait for 15-30 minutes (depending on the degree of carpet contamination).

Walk on the carpet with a soft brush and collect the powder. Use a vacuum cleaner.

Instead of a special carpet cleaning powder, you can use ordinary baking soda.

Three advantages of the dry cleaning method:

  • maintains a dirt-repellent surface on carpets;
  • does not lead to deformation of the hair loops;
  • after dry cleaning, moisture does not accumulate on the carpet, which means that it is not endangered by mold and mildew.

Wet cleaning

Despite all the benefits of dry carpet cleaning, this method will not allow you to get rid of old dirt. And in the household chemical industry, there is a much larger selection of carpet shampoos and liquid concentrates than powder.

Wet cleaning is not performed more than once a month. It should not be done categorically in relation to the following carpets:

of wool;

with a big pile;

with “fluffy” coating.

The stains on the carpet are cleaned in a dotted way. And be careful not to contaminate the entire surface of the carpet.

How to perform wet carpet cleaning?

Take the vacuum cleaner over the carpet.

Dilute a tablespoon of liquid with a liter of water.

Pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle and spray evenly over the carpet.

Leave the product for 0.5 – 2 hours (or at other times in the instructions).

Wipe the carpet with a damp cloth directly on the floor and go with the vacuum cleaner (or use a washing vacuum cleaner if you have one).

Open all windows in the house to keep the carpet completely dry.

We recommend that you check the product before cleaning the carpet. Pour the shampoo (concentrate) into a bowl of water and leave overnight. Pour the liquid out of the dishes in the morning. If remnants of soap remain on the walls of the bowl, the same will happen after the carpet. Sticky residue on the carpet attracts dirt and dust.

There is an alternative method of wet cleaning that has been known to many people since childhood. If it’s cold outside, ask family members to help you get the carpet out. Put it on a pile in the snow and drive it out. You will get rid of not only dust but also mites.

The best wet cleaning products

  • Do not leave light stains or smudges on the surface;
  • clean a pile of old stains from dirt, blood, drinks;
  • dry quickly;
  • they do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the respiratory system.

How to remove dirt from the carpet by folk remedies?

As you can see, many cleaners are not cheap. And sometimes it is necessary to quickly remove a fresh stain (from spilled coffee or juice, blood) from the carpet and there is simply no time to go to the home chemical store. Fortunately, skilled housewives know how to clean the carpet with folk remedies.

If you have spilled something directly on the floor, do not rush to rub the stain, otherwise ugly stains will remain on the carpet. Absorb excess moisture with paper towels and then apply a little stain of soda and salt. Then vacuum the contaminated area. After final drying, continue treating the stains.

Each type of pollution has its own folk remedies and procedures. For the sake of clarity, we recommend that you read the table below.

Kind of PlaceResourcesProcedure
Tea, CoffeeCitric acid, liquid soapDilute 10 grams of acid in 100 ml of water, add a little soap. Apply to a dry place and rub with a sponge until foam forms. Leave on for 30 minutes and vacuum.
Fruit or Vegetable JuiceSalt, Citric acid, soapThe procedure is the same as for removing tea (coffee) stains, only at the beginning a spoonful of salt is applied to the stain and allowed to dry.
BloodHydrogen PeroxideMortise the stain until it disappears completely.
Dirty footprintBaking soda, saltSprinkle with salt and soda on a wet track to absorb moisture faster. Use a vacuum cleaner after drying.
The smell of urineTable vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, sodaDissolve 30 ml of vinegar in 100 ml of water and spray with a spray bottle. Then sprinkle soda on the carpet. Mix the 50/50 soap solution and peroxide, apply to the surface, wipe the carpet until it reaches the foam. When everything is dry, remove the remaining funds with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the carpet with a damp cloth.
InkAcetic acid (50%)Apply the product on the stain and clean the carpet with a damp sponge until the stain disappears
Wax, chewing gumIce CubesPack the ice in a plastic bag and apply for contamination for 30 minutes. Then scrape off the frozen wax (chewing gum) with a metal object: nail files, nail scissors, knife

So cleaning carpets at home is a responsible event that requires some knowledge. Misuse of wet cleaning, incorrect selection of shampoo or powder leads to rapid wear of the carpet. Before cleaning, pay attention to the type of pile and also check the product in an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet.