About us

All our staff members has practical hands on training. There are so many types of rugs in the market and different rugs require different washing procedure. Specially, handmade rugs cleaning procedure can be so different according to their size and where they manufactured. Some rugs, for example, the colour is so delicate and soft that after getting wet, they can be quickly faded and there is no way back that we can fix that colour, and almost all handmade rugs designed are by vegetable dye.

In most cases, machines damage rugs using strong chemicals and human touch free procedures. It is very hard to tell when you clean your rug with a normal rug cleaner that the chemical they used for cleaning is safe enough for human and pets heath to use the rug and the condition of the rug slowly can be damaged by using strong chemicals. This thing you won’t notice at the time they clean your rugs.

All our staff are experts in the field of rug cleaning. For instance , a doctor can tell how much and which medicine they need for their patient. Before we clean a rug , we always check the condition and colour, so that we can protect your rug from any damage and the design and color will remain the same. So, it has to be cleaned the proper way. All of our staff know how to maintain excellent quality.

Imagine, the rug we are washing now, it could be used for new a born baby. In that case , if we use strong chemicals to remove stains ,it could be harmful for children and adult. A clean rug does not mean that it is generally good and safe for health. We prioritize the potential of cleaning equipment that it is related with human and pets health.

We do not mix your rugs with other customer rugs. it can contaminate with germs and hidden bacteria from different customers rugs. So, hand washing is unique way to clean your rugs in order to maintain the quality.
Most of our staff have long time experience about rugs and how to clean them and what they made out of , that’s how you can ensure the standard of quality. We are so knowledgeable to clean rugs that you can rely on us. Besides , we want to wash your rugs again and again , that’s why ,we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Before delivery, our Quality Manager does the final check that ensures the rug is ready for delivery or require further quality control. When we pick any rug from customer home, we make a note for the rug that what we have to do for the rug in order to make it clean. Before delivery we check the quality of the rug service is provided as per the list.

Each individual rug, we

clean them separately , dry separately and store them separately, they all have separate Id numbers.

We always try to serve our customers with the best and latest reliable service. We believe when a company is capable of providing customer satisfaction ensuring the standard of the product or service, then the company follows a standard quality . We always monitor our duty from the picking day to delivery in order to ensure the best one for our customers.

We double check our job to get it done properly. Almost all our rugs, we wash twice, and this is not because the rug is not clean enough for delivery, this is how we clean rugs. Because, we think that double washing minimise the risk of damage. We shower them with water , like we humans get showered to clean our body and smell fresh.

For example, we don’t scratch our body with brushes, we just have a proper shower, and same thing we do here to clean your rugs.

Our promise is to ensure the best quality and unique service in the market. Because, the customer is everything to us, for our company, and this is why we wash rugs. Give us a call and we will clean your rugs as the way you want them to be cleaned. This is our promise to you, guarantee.